Episode 35 - On Right Wing Freaks and Security Leaks

Catch up

Follow up

  • Hard for Australia to take moral high ground
  • Build a wall between us and Indonesia

Fake news

  • Defections
  • Referencing one nation
  • Normalisation of Pauline Hanson
  • What if Malcolm Turnbull defected
  • Jacquie Lambie
  • AFLW
  • Melbourne taxi protest
  • Trump reads top secret classified documents at unclassified dinner at mar a Lago, using phone cameras to provide light to read by
  • Mike Flynn
  • Russia and trump
  • Breitbart
  • Leaks

Culture Corner

  • Snowden - rating: one cass out of three
  • Please like me - rating: two hams
  • Crazy ex girlfriend - rating: one hams warming to three
  • Real Detective- rating: 
  • Iron Fist trailer - rating: one ham, one cass

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